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Your Subtitle text is designed to assist birders and ornithology researchers in locating published articles. Most of the articles referenced here will be focused on identification techniques, but some will be related to distribution, abundance studies and others areas of interest.

Our emphasis is directed toward the birder, or field ornithologist. Many of us have bookcases stacked with journal publications such as Birding or North American Birds. There are many valuable articles within these publications, if only the reader knows where to find them. This is the mission of; to readily assist the researching birder in accessing articles of interest.

All entries are listed according to the sequence of the 60th (July 2019) supplement of the Seventh edition of the Checklist of North American Birds, American Ornithological Society (AOS) 1998.  Simply click the appropriate heading at the top of this page and scan down to find the desired species. articles.


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